1. Mister Shoes

From the recording Roads Water and Orange

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Mister Shoes- Hey Mister Shoes, what’s your hurry? Won’t you hang around? What is waiting for you where you’re bound? What do you think you’ll find? Hey Mister Shoes, you shouldn’t have to run away. Your greener pastures have been growing gray. You run in circles in your mind. / You’ve been dancing up the perfect storm, so lock step restless that your soul gets worn. Where are you headed for today? / Mister Shoes, are you racing with the boy inside? Do you run with your heart strings untied? Are you stumbling for light? Hey Mister Shoes, are you lost inside the maze again, where every turn becomes a new dead end? Who are you turning to tonight? / A whirling dervish with a toll to pay, a spinning world that slings its love away, home couldn’t be that far away. / Hey Mister Shoes, those old rutted roads get awful long. You will find a place where you belong. Your home will come to you. Hey Mister Shoes…