1. Ambush Avenue

From the recording Roads Water and Orange

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Ambush Avenue- We walk down, way downtown. We look for trouble up ahead. Things happen and no one is laughing. It might raise its monster head. Swelter sweating like our payment is coming due, the credit’s drying up down on Ambush Avenue. / We look back for that sneak attack that the vacant walls conceal. We’re awkward guests. We poke a hornets’ nest. Sometimes we lose our sense of feel. We’re second guessing where no one has a clue. Where’s the powder keg down on Ambush Avenue? / When the fight is over, when the day is done, when we’ve passed our test, we’ll be coming home. We will give you cover until the day we’ve won. We will count our blessings, lock and load our guns. / We lock down. Thoughts go underground down below the boiling air. Two worlds grind. Peace gets hard to find. Sometimes we’re sending up a prayer. No one can tell us when our job is through. Sometimes we’re shooting blanks down on Ambush Avenue.