1. In These Trees

From the recording Roads Water and Orange

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In These Trees- I have walked beyond the distance. I have run the human race. I have pondered my deliverance. I’ve looked for love to fall in place. The heart can be a wilderness that leaves you in its freeze, looking for the forest in these trees. / I have walked along the edges. I have seen the long way down. I have learned to look away to get my feet on solid ground. It’s such a strange existence being buried in the leaves, looking for the forest in these trees. / I’ve been out on this limb about as far as I can get. I listen for an answer but I haven’t heard a good one yet. / I have spun the wheels of running, ground my brains to make my bread. I have twisted every syllable of the busy thoughts that play my head. The loss that clouds the moment leaves me running on my knees, looking for the forest in these trees.