1. I Swim To You

From the recording Roads Water and Orange

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I Swim To You- I can’t put the phone away. I keep calling you today (so distant). How are you? I’m just fine, though I glow gray in sunshine where the sand sinks deep and the water boils blue. I swim to you. / Sometimes I talk to my TV. It speaks back in Portuguese (so lonely). Rio has its pleasures for its lives of leisure but by myself I have no clue. I swim to you. / The waves keep clawing at the beach. My paradise lies just beyond my reach. This hotel room is my island. I can close my eyes and you come drifting into view. I swim to you. / I stand before the full buffet. My empty plate gets in my way (so empty). No matter where I may be, it isn’t what it could be. The distance rings a bit too true when I swim to you.