From the recording Roads Water and Orange

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Tie The Sail Down- On a barren blue desert of water and sky, I’ve tried to see straight with the wind in my eye. I’ve treaded water and I’ve gotten by. The waves licked their wet lips and I’d just reply. / Give me dry ground. Let’s tie the sail down. The sea never lets a man win (The sea isn’t much of a friend). Give me dry ground. Let’s tie the sail down. I’ve been there, I’ve done that and I won’t go again. / I’ve lived in the trade winds, a prison of sea, where the wave of your goodbye came crashing on me. I’d look for a beacon, your face in the foam. This hole in the water ain’t much of a home. / Swept in the current, I followed the stars. They took me the distance on maps of my scars. A new day is dawning. You wave from the shore. My ship won’t be drifting away anymore.