From the recording Roads Water and Orange

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Thinking About The Door- Saturday stayed busy. She was born to clean, to sweep it all beneath the rug, to hide it all in the dust of dreams. She’d stare out through the curtains like she’d never been before, looking out the window, thinking about the door. / His scattered acts of kindness, his poison arrow cracks, spun her out of balance. She was frozen in her tracks. Smiling on the outside but shaken to the core, she was living through the window thinking about the door. / One day the seal was broken. Push had come to shove. She realized she’d had her fill of his empty selfish love. / The threshold didn’t hold her. She ran beyond the walk. She paid up every ancient debt well beyond the point of talk. A seed among the ashes, she dreamed there might be more. She shuttered up her windows walking out the door.