From the recording Roads Water and Orange

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Sight For A Blind Heart- My left foot goes forward. Your right foot goes back. We waltz in a circle, train cars on a track. I once danced so silly my feet no clue until the night I found sight for a blind heart with you. / I once lurked in darkness, deep shadows of night. I stumbled to reach for your rhythm and light. Your steps left me lifted. That’s when I knew this night I’ll find sight for a blind heart with you. / We dance to the heartbeat. We lock to the groove. We fit well together. We’ve learned every move. Days without rhythm are gone from my memory. The music’s from Heaven tonight. / Mistakes are worth forgetting. We give our best. The long days are past us. We build on the rest. We’ll dance through the coda. We’re long overdue. I’m blessed to find sight for a blind heart with you.